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Nr: 3840
Imię i nazwisko: Tomas
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 09-12-2020

Najlepsza firma komputerowa w Wielkiej Brytanii.☆☆☆☆☆Polecam!!!!
Nr: 3839
Imię i nazwisko: mr craig s pearse
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 18-07-2021

Had this PC now for a few months and have found it to be Excellent, only issue was the 4 week waiting time but when you run out of supplies it is understandable. Great job PCSpecialist and thank you :)
Nr: 3838
Imię i nazwisko: Dr Rick Nelms
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 18-07-2021

Thank you very much for my wonderful new PC, which I ordered after a recommendation by an artist friend. The custom configuring tool is brilliant, letting me know, for example, that I needed a larger power supply. The Graphics Card I needed as an artist was only available on pre-order and PCSpecialist were completely upfront about the likely timescale for delivery. When the new NVIDIA Geforce 3070Ti graphics card was launched PCSpecialist offered people like me who were waiting for similar high specification graphics cards the option to change the order to use one of these cards, From then until delivery was just two weeks. The packaging was excellent and the PC arrived by a courier who kept us well informed exactly when the delivery would arrive. I am writing this testimonial on the computer at the same time that it is painting three enormous paintings for me. I am an artist living with motor neurone disease and the new computer is helping to make my life exciting at a very difficult time. It has exceeded my expectations. So, to sum up, a really great computer put together by a really great company. I shall be recommending them to all my friends.
Nr: 3837
Imię i nazwisko: AG
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 16-07-2021

The first time built up my custom made pc. It took at least 26 days, but finally it was delivered to me. Big parcel, everything included and then... Guys, that pc tower is amazing! Well, it was build for music production not playing games, that's why my video card sucks, but the quality of build is amazing. Checked everything before I turned it on. Thumbs up. Windows instalation was flawless, all updates checked and installed. Drivers as well. And it works out of the box. I'd like to thank the builder I. Umulis. Well done mate. I understand it takes a lot of time to get your pc build up, but the waiting is worth. Cheers up guys!
Nr: 3836
Imię i nazwisko: Leticia Grunwald
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 14-07-2021

I order my PC for video editing and gaming a few weeks ago and have absolutely no complains no make.
They answered all of my queries during the process, the order came in early then expected and I had no trouble at all to setting up the computer.
The extra cables and the book explaining everything that was need to know was an surprise and I was very impressed by how much they cared about the client and made it as easy as possible.
The PC was everything that I was expecting and I think the price was fair. I would definitely recommend the PCSpecialist to anyone who is looking to buy a new computer.
Nr: 3835
Imię i nazwisko: Alex
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 05-07-2021

Ordered my first gaming pc through PCSpecialist. Very easy to order and came within 5 days using the fast track service and a month on and so far no problems and runs pefectly. Could perhaps do with more info on certain things for people who have no idea about what everything does and how it all works together but then there are the ones which are suited for specific games in different price ranges so all good in my opinion. Would order again.
Nr: 3834
Imię i nazwisko: Danny Smith
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 05-07-2021

Can not fault the service from PCSpecialist. I called them with a question about my 3080 graphics card having performance spikes. they went out of there way to help as much as they could, to the point that a new graphics card arrived the next day by recorded delivery.
Nr: 3833
Imię i nazwisko: Alan Clarke
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 17-06-2021

Order number 2090308.I wish to thank PCSpecialist for their assistance In adjusting my build request when they did not fit my requirements, as in the cooling rad ordered did not fit in the required position in the case I ordered, Mark from the Technical team sorted out another appropriate case for me on the telephone, also he adjusted my order to include a rear exhaust fan to fit the new case. I was kept up to date on the build time frame of my order. Computer was delivered when they told me it would be, and packaged well. I did have a problem with a LED strip light that was at fault, I reported it to the tech guys, and was sent a replacement within a couple of days. I would recommend PCSpecialist. Thank you.
Nr: 3832
Imię i nazwisko: Daniel Sheen
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 15-06-2021

I ordered a PC from PCS on 18th May, and am completely amazed by the speed, how powerful it is, and most importantly how quiet it is!

The wait time for it to be built was very short, and got it within 3 weeks. I am extremely happy with the computer and I am already streaming and gaming with it!

Thank you very much PCS for the professionalism and amazing service that you have provided. I will recommend you to everyone looking for a new PC! :-)
Nr: 3831
Imię i nazwisko: Joe Dunne
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 12-06-2021

The PCSpecialist website was easy to use to select the right pc. I chose a next day delivery option with a monitor. It was slightly confusing to see the graphics card listed as preorder only but I suspect this was due to the list of individual components being linked to selecting a custom built pc. The delivery was delayed and fed ex did not update their tracking information at all when it dispatched. PCSpecialist responded to my query about the missing package within a day and were able to update me on its status so I knew it was on the way. It arrived two days later. The pc was easy to set up and was running within minutes. There has been no issue with it or the monitor at all. Very good service.

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