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Nr: 4 241
Imię i nazwisko: Tomas
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 09-12-2020

Najlepsza firma komputerowa w Wielkiej Brytanii.☆☆☆☆☆Polecam!!!!
Nr: 4 240
Imię i nazwisko: Paul Hennessy
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 22-02-2024

This service was very very good. The live chat was extremely helpful although initially giving me a way more expensive pc then I needed for what I wanted. After that their was absolutely no issues and all questions and queries where answered to the best ability. The pc came from the uk to Ireland in two days which was AMAZING. The pc runs very well and is super quiet. With all the drivers, bios settings tweaked and widnows already installed upon arrival I would definitely reccomend this. One issue is that I ordered a 1.5m eu cable and it wasn’t packaged with my pc and after raising a complaint it hasn’t come in two weeks still. So all in all I would give this service an 8.5/10 would definitely recommend!!
Nr: 4 239
Imię i nazwisko: gavin ward
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 07-02-2024

PCSpecialist have been superb. My Order was dealt with quickly and delivered exactly when they said it would be. One shout in particular has to go to Ryan who delt with the after sales care brilliantly. Highly recommend.
Nr: 4 238
Imię i nazwisko: Jasper Samoy
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 06-02-2024

My partner bought a computer from PCSpecialist previously and he was very positive about it. So I decided to get my PC from them too. It was delivered in just two days. Very fast I gotta say. Everything was nicely organised in the box. I got it set up in just minutes. I am very happy with my purchase.
Nr: 4 237
Imię i nazwisko: Conor Wells
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 01-02-2024

I cant out into words how amazing the customer service is, i had 3 separate problems with my order and 3 times i managed to get through to the same guy. This guy named ryan was the kindest soul, helping me so much everytime, taking his time to understand everything and help me to the best he can. My order hasn't arrived yet but i bet it will be amazing when it gets here. Thanks again for everything
Nr: 4 236
Imię i nazwisko: Nic Marshall
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 26-01-2024

PCSpecialist has the best customer service I have experienced, a lot of other companies could learn a lot. I've worked in customer service for about 13 years now, I'm 33 and I'm just so happy I got to speak to a real person who not only understood my issues, provided updates and ensured the problems were fixed efficiently and fast and frankly didn't make me feel stupid. I'll preface the below ramblings with: I have had some personal issues lately I won't bore you with but my PC bricking it was the icing on the stress cake.

This is my second PC from PCSpecialist, my first I bought back in 2016. That one is still running fantastically by the way, my fiancé uses every night and it runs league of legends and other games just great. The only reason I bought a new PC is because I lucked into some money and thought it would be nice if we could game together. I had a similar issue with the 2016 PC where the PSU had an issue and through an RMA it was sent back and returned to me fixed and ready to go! I remember being a bit of a tough customer and giving someone a hard time on the phone back then over the time frame but that was my impatience more than anything, it was fixed quickly and returned to me with no further problems to date.

I bought my new PC in February of 2023. It is fantastic, great price for all of the games this thing plays and the only reason I had any issues I believe is because of some power outages. Had the report back today in fact, fried my motherboard. Now here is where these guys are fantastic, my PC was bricked. Did not turn on, not responsive (for now).

I called up, near their closing time (8pm thats pretty awesome since I work) I might add and the advisor helped me order new boxes because obviously I threw mine away in a house move. It's always the case. They arrived a day or so later. The guy I spoke too was so kind and helpful and I could hear people packing up to go home, he did not hurry me or make any fuss. I felt like a bit of a jerk but he reassured me it was fine. Helped me order the RMA etc no problem. Then my pc started working again the next day. I liaised with the team via email and I decided to keep the boxes but they refunded me the RMA price. Just less than £50 it was and they also provided me advice on what to do if I experience the same problems again and said I could email for any sort of advice going forward.

Just my luck though a day or so later my PC really did die, this time completely non responsive. I emailed back to the person who had initially helped me with my first RMA refund and provided me the advice. Tried to trouble shoot it further but ultimately I decided I needed the experts to find the problem and help fix it. I didn't ask at the time but I must have had about 2 weeks or so left on my warranty.

So on the evening of the 17th of Jan I went on the website, ordered the RMA myself. I didnt bother the phone line this time and on the 19th DPD came to collect my PC. I packaged it in the boxes I had ordered previously and it was taken to be inspected, fixed, stress tested (Amongst all of the other stuff I didn't witness/wouldn't understand) and it was back at my home on the 25th of January good as new.

If you have any concern about who to go to for a custom PC, let me tell you - PCSpecialist are the ones you go with. Everything is streamlined on their end, the only hold ups I can ever imagine is waiting for specific parts to be on order or something along those lines. My emails were responded to quickly and by a real person, the guys on the phone are great, patient and kind. I was never made to feel like an idiot (to me its just my magic box that plays games I know only basic things about whats going on inside).

From the 2 PC's I've ordered problems were very most likely my error/environmental problems and both times fixed, quickly and I feel like a valued customer which is very rare nowadays.

Although my whole experience was fantastic and I problably havnt given the technicians as much thanks as they deserve (thank you btw, I dont have to raid on my crappy laptop this week). I really want to zero in on the customer services though as that's who I had the most interaction with, especially Teo who answered the majority of my emails. I'm a bit of an oversharer it seems and he put up with me. ;D

I can't comment too much on value for money, I tried to do my research and for what I wanted (a mid tied PC, spent about £1,300 I could post specs later) I made it on several sites and this one was the cheapest, and I knew them so I went with them. Glad I did, because if I didn't I couldn't say if I would be sat here at my PC now or not having the same issues with another company. I'm lucky to have been provided with such peace of mind with (for me) such a big purchase in todays economy.

THANK YOU PCSpecialist.
Nr: 4 235
Imię i nazwisko: Nimrit Sohal
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 18-01-2024

I had some issues with my new PC which I bought back in December 2023. The technical support PCSpecialist provide is unlike no other. Everyone I have been in contact with have been very helpful in resolving my issue and I must say, I appreciate this a lot! I just want to say a particular thank you to Mohammad. He really is a great technical supporter. He had dealt with my PC issue politely and professionally. The support provided from Mohammad and everyone at PCSpecialist is great. Thank you so much! 🙏🏼
Nr: 4 234
Imię i nazwisko: Lk
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 04-01-2024

Flawless order!
The system runs smoothly and arrived ahead of Christmas, a pleasant bonus.
Highly recommend PCSpecialist for anyone seeking solid PC.
Nr: 4 233
Imię i nazwisko: Andrew
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 03-01-2024

A good company to deal with, they know what they're doing. This is the 2nd time I've used them myself.
It did take a while to get through QA and then from "Awaiting dispatch" to "Dispatched" but I wasn't in a hurry and it unexpectedly showed up on a Saturday delivery anyway, which was extremely helpful.

I've recommended them to several others over the years and they have all been happy too.
Nr: 4 232
Imię i nazwisko: Conor
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 01-01-2024

Buying a PC from Specialist was made easy. Once my order was placed, I was kept up to date with emails regarding my order and information that is relevant to my build. The PC arrived with DPD. It was evident that great detail is given to protecting the PC in transport. The PC is great. Overall, a great experience!