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Nr: 3879
Imię i nazwisko: Tomas
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 09-12-2020

Najlepsza firma komputerowa w Wielkiej Brytanii.☆☆☆☆☆Polecam!!!!
Nr: 3878
Imię i nazwisko: Ian Carter
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 14-10-2021

I ordered a custom built laptop. The turnaround time was fast & within the promised time-scale. I am very pleased with the laptop, it does its job to a high performance.
Nr: 3877
Imię i nazwisko: Anthony Keys
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 12-10-2021

Customer service is great! I had an issue with logging into my account, and after speaking to Rhys from the support team, he was very helpful and kept me updated on the progress regularly. Most companies would go ‘radio silent’ when technical error occurred, however Rhys and the team gave me the reassurance I needed to ensure the problem was being worked on. Would recommend!
Nr: 3876
Imię i nazwisko: Gary B
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 11-10-2021

Very happy with the quality of the build, cable management is very clean. Delivered and packed with care
Nr: 3875
Imię i nazwisko: Theo Greenwood
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 06-10-2021

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the service at PCSpecialist. I was able to completely customise my PC to my exact requirements, and their system automatically flagged when I had chosen a more powerful PSU than was required by the system too.

The processing time took less than advertised, it was dispatched in 21 working days rather than the ~30 days which was recommended.

And frankly, being able to get an RTX 3080 at MSRP is insane in the current environment.

Moreover, it's clear to me that the good folk working take great pride in their work, my PC arrived in immaculate condition, well packaged, incredibly clean cable management, and all drivers/windows, even the BIOS was reflashed and updated.

Overall incredibly impressed and would recommend to anyone in need of a new system for any reason.
Nr: 3874
Imię i nazwisko: Martin Fry
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 01-10-2021

It was good to be able to choose what you wanted, and get a better Laptop more to your needs, rather than just have what manufacture wanted you to have because it suited them. A quite quick delivery that you could track how it was going was also a definite plus.
Nr: 3873
Imię i nazwisko: Ryan Kelleher
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 29-09-2021

Very happy with my laptop (Elimina pro 15). I use it mostly for work and occasional gaming and it is great for both. The website was easy to use and it had a review for my particular model which helped inform my decision. I ordered a pre-built laptop and it arrived the same week.
Nr: 3872
Imię i nazwisko: Rory Mulcahy
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 25-09-2021

I bought a high spec gaming pc pre built I couldn't be happier the assembly that was put into the tower was amazing clean sleek look. Costomer service was top notch with very fast feedback and they really know what there on about.. Delivery was super fast to Ireland with no delays. There so good I'm buying another entry level gaming pc for my son.
Nr: 3871
Imię i nazwisko: Keith Fergusson
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 22-09-2021

This is the fourth purchase from PCSpecialist and I have always recommended them. when you give great service from day one, there is no reason to look elsewhere. Part of the thrill in buying a new PC, is It's so easy to configure to obtain the highest spec or price depending on your budget. Great Products, great communication, great website and great price.
What more can you say. very much appreciated.
Nr: 3870
Imię i nazwisko: Kyle
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 21-09-2021

If you’re a pc noobie and want to get into pc gaming or just want a desktop for example this is the perfect place, after you do you’re research on the parts you like, you can pick them and customise the pc how you would like, there are a lot of options to choose from for a very fair price. If you’re ever worried about anything you just need to email them and they will always help you out the best they can. If you’re pc ever has an issue like mine did they will take it in and sort it out, and have everything you asked for looked at as well as keeping you updated during the process. The customer service and the RMA team service are always polite and letting you know everything about what’s happening in the process. They are always on the ball, 5 stars from me

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