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Nr: 4 139
Imię i nazwisko: Tomas
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 09-12-2020

Najlepsza firma komputerowa w Wielkiej Brytanii.☆☆☆☆☆Polecam!!!!
Nr: 4 138
Imię i nazwisko: Deepak yadav
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 31-05-2023

Best Gaming PC from PCSpecialist. Bought for my son Gaming PC. It was waaoo factor as soon as you open the box and once plugged all the component it was amazing. Its worth of every single penny. Highly recommended those who wants to buy from PCSpecialist.
Nr: 4 137
Imię i nazwisko: Patryk Klos
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 29-05-2023

I'm very happy and my son is happy too. Fantastic experience ordering PC from PCSpecialist. No problems at all, the PC works perfectly well, and the package was safely packed. The ordering experience on the website was straightforward and easy. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a PC or laptop. I will definitely order another PC again. Thank you
Nr: 4 136
Imię i nazwisko: Peter Rosier
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 20-05-2023

I have previously been a ‘self builder’ of desktop PC’s although my last build was 10 years ago. I decided that time was due to update to current technology and Windows 11 so, based on reviews, I decided to go with PCSpecialist – this looks to be a good decision. I found the web site and configuration options quite easy to follow and over a couple of weeks put together a specification suited to my needs – I am quite a demanding user. The actual ordering process was simple and with excellent communication back from PCS updating me on progress. When delivered my new PC was very well packaged and set up was straight forward. Eighteen days from order to delivery. Having had a good look around ‘inside’ it has clearly been assembled by a competent and experienced system builder with all cable management etc. very tidy. So well done PCSpecialist – all I need to do now is learn Windows 11!
Nr: 4 135
Imię i nazwisko: Andy Kokongando
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 17-05-2023

Very pleased with both the order and service. I’ve used PCSpecialist for 7 years, with 2 separate built, both amazing and great. Recently had maintenance service provided for my 2nd built pc, it was quick, simple and outstanding.

Great work guys
Nr: 4 134
Imię i nazwisko: Michael McCarthy
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 13-05-2023

I am very pleased with my order from PCSpecialist. I ordered from the Irish site and I had the computer within a week . The computer works great and I am very happy with it
Nr: 4 133
Imię i nazwisko: Mikem
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 12-05-2023

on my second pc from PCSpecialist and they have fared me very well. When ever I have needed help with repair/advice they have always been very helpful, great stuff you lot.
Nr: 4 132
Imię i nazwisko: Phillip Risbridger
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 10-04-2023

This is my forth build from PCSpecialist, always a pleasure to deal with from start to finish
Nr: 4 131
Imię i nazwisko: Richard Osiemo
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 03-04-2023

I first bought a customised laptop (Cosmos Series 17.3" Matte) from PCSpecialist in Nov 2015. At first instance, I was extremely trilled with the super fast booting speed (from SSD drives) compared to traditional tortise-like booting that I was used to in the other laptops owned before. That laptop has been sturdy since that time and I have derived so much from it even after subjecting it to heavy workloads. Apart from a few keyboard keys getting stuck / worn out, the machine has never broken down! It has served me so well until the other day when its in-built WiFi couldn't detect a later WiFi6 fibre router - after all, what do you expect in terms of technological advances after 8 years of service!

I had to buy another laptop (Lafite Pro Series 17.3" Matte) a few days ago from PCSpecialist due to the trust I have developed with PCSpecialist. The support from them is superb and the ordering processing is so smooth - you can clearly see the status of your order as it goes through the various preparation steps before being delivered. They fulfil their timescales.
Nr: 4 130
Imię i nazwisko: Mike Cannon
Adres e-mail: [email protected]

Data: 29-03-2023

Originally bought a laptop at the end of 2022, built to my spec. Arrived on time, and is a credit to PCS. Unfortunately had a Windows related problem this week, which corrupted my user PIN. Contacted Tecnical Support who patiently talked me through a total reload of Windows. Laptop back and running, with minimal data loss, which is my fault for failing to back it up.
Really cannot fault the patience and support received. The very best supplier I have worked with in over 30 years.
Would recommend to anyone.